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We are pleased to announce the release of Demonology: Book of Gabriel. Currently it is available in trade paperback, kindle and nook versions. You can find it by following these links:

Amazon Listing (trade paperback and kindle): 

Barnes and Noble Listing (nook)

Here are what people are saying….

“Demonology: Book of Gabriel is very creative and entertaining; it reads smoothly and keeps you at the edge of your seat. The characters are classic and the plot develops with good suspense and imagery. The author displays a keen sense of writing an incredible tale while keeping it realistic and engaging. I was happy to read this debut by a fresh promising author – it is a story you will never forget.” 

“Demonology, Book of Gabriel is much more than “just another” paranormal, haunting, demon-inhabited, flavor-of-the-week book in this currently popular genre. The writing style is vivid and without clutter. The characters are well-formed, distinct, and engaging. I planned to read only a few pages to be polite as it was gift, and several chapters later, I realized I was A) Hooked; and B) late for an appointment. Reaching the end of the book was that wonderful mix of satisfaction in the journey taken and dismay that there’s no sequel… yet.” 

“Nothing slow about this book. It quickly draws you into the action and makes you feel like you are part of it. Great development of some quirky but wonderful characters. A must for anyone who likes paranormal thrillers.” 

“Once I picked this book up I couldn’t put it down. Elizabyth Burtis is an amazing writer. I was there in the story watching everything unfold. I can’t wait for the sequel.”

“Fantastic book with highly detailed information about demonology from several cultures. You really feel like you’re there with the characters and sit on the edge of your seat turning pages. I couldn’t put the book down! Elizabyth is well on her way to a successful career in writing. Keep up the good work!”