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Elizabyth Burtis: Author

Drawing in part from her own personal experience and part from her own expertise in the genre, Elizabyth Burtis writes paranormal thrillers that captivate her readers, leaving them asking for more. With a lifetime of experience as a published  writer, artist, musician and art director, she has meshed all of these talents into a fast-paced, captivating style of writing that is both lyrical and visual. As the Vice President of the Coffee House Writers Group and  co-organizer of the Portland chapter, Ms. Burtis has become a recognized voice in the Portland and Pomona Valley writing communities.

As someone who grew up and lived in more than one haunted house, Elizabyth has seen her share of things that bump in the night. Some of these experiences are chronicled on her blog: Stories About not Being Afraid of Ghosts. Currently she shares a house with her love (and writing partner), two slightly deranged cats…. and a sullen teenaged ghost.

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