A lot of thought (and a fair amount of writing) went into creating the world of Gabriel Wolfe. Much of it ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak. For whatever reason, it just didn’t have a place in the finished book. Rather than completely trash these little gems, I saved them in a folder.

When the beta copies were being circulated, I got questions about some things like the history of Greenwood Mansion and why Gabriel did some of the things he did. So I decided to share my collection of backstories with those who wanted to read them. Much like the deleted scenes on a DVD, these snippets can be quite fun little extras for fans of the book and may explain some things in detail. Keep checking back: As I run across others I will continue to expand this section.

BACKSTORY: The scene from the movie Gabriel is consulting on which he discusses with Harvey in Chapter 2

BACKSTORY: Greenwood Mansion

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